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The business network is one of the most determining sectors in the awareness of the use of mobile devices.

We want to count on you to become responsible and productive companies regarding the use of mobile phones.
In return, you have the opportunity to improve the well-being and productivity of your employees, enhance your brand image and, above all, directly and indirectly support initiatives and campaigns that we carry out in educational and social fields.

Only 3% of workers totally disconnect during vacations

In Spain, 67% of workers answer emails outside of their working hours

Mobile Free Partner

Join a network of companies that demonstrate commitment to the responsibility of promoting responsible use of technology

As a member of the Mobile Free Association, you will receive tools and support to manage an online certification that accredits your membership and commitment to the project

Access to our reports with the most relevant and determining information of the sector, along with development strategies and basic tips for a more responsible and productive use

Increase the social, productive and welfare benefits of your collaborators, both internal and external, optimising performance and responsibility in your relationships and communication

Improve the positioning of your brand by bringing your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives closer to all the initiatives of the association and involving all your collaborators

Mobile Free Company Program

Check the prices of our different fees


  • Reducida
  • . 100€
    • Up to 10 workers
    • Opening fee: 150€
  • Standard
  • . 200€
    • Between 10 and 50 workers
    • Opening fee: 295€
  • Premium
  • . 300€
    • More than 50 workers
    • Opening fee: 495€

Mobile Free Company Program

We advise and accompany companies throughout the processes of awareness and change that favour the relationship of their employees with technology at the same time as the relationship between themselves and their environment


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Mobile Free Certificate

We accredit organisations that demonstrate a responsible, healthy and productive use of mobile phones. Both with their teams, as well as their customers and suppliers.

Through universal standards, applicable to any type of organisation, and evaluating the basis of each one, whichsoever the type of company, educational centre or agency, we will certify the suitability of the use of mobile technology in your day-to-day activities.

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