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56% of children between 8 and 12 years old have a mobile phone.

Education is everything. And the wellbeing of our children is always our top priority. But it is not easy for parents, teachers or schools to negotiate the technological debate, especially when mobile phones are everywhere.

Undoubtedly, technology plays a vital and useful role in today’s educational world. But can you have too much of something good? What is the right age for a child to have a cell phone? Are there long-term social impacts on child development?

These are just some of the conversations we are beginning with the help of global educational experts, educational establishments and parents from around the world.

70% of pre-teens admit hiding part of their online activity

50% of teenagers claim to have published something online that they have later regretted

One in three teenagers say they feel more accepted online than in real life

Mobile Free Educators

Join a network of schools, colleges, universities and educational centres that share their concern and commitment with the responsibility of promoting responsible use of mobile technology.

As a member of Mobile Free Life, you will receive tools and support to manage an online certificate that accredits your membership and commitment to the project

Access to our reports (MOBILE FREE EDUCATION PROGRAM) with the most relevant and determining information in the world of education, along with the development of strategies and good practices for a more responsible and productive use in the classroom

Enhance the educational, social, personal and relational benefits of making good use of mobile technology among our youth

Mobile Free Education Program

We advise and accompany schools in processes of awareness and change that favour the relationship of students with technology as well as the relationship between them and their environment. Reports, good practices, talks and training not only for students, but also for teaching staff and parents.

Educación programa


Statistical analysis reports on the most relevant and determining data regarding the use of the mobile phone in the educational environment, complemented with analysis by expert psychologists and pedagogues to establish good practices throughout the different groups and educational environments.

Educación aulas


Talks from the hand of our experts about awareness and good practices of mobile technology in the educational field. How to limit and optimise its use whilst studying, guidelines for home use and rules


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Mobile Free Certificate

Acreditamos a las organizaciones que demuestran un uso responsable, saludable y productivo del teléfono móvil. Tanto en relación con sus equipos, como con sus clientes y proveedores.

We accredit the centres that demonstrate a responsible, healthy and productive use of the mobile phone. Both with their students, as amongst parents and teaching staff.

Through universal standards, applicable to any type of organisation, and evaluating the basis of each one, taking into account the different types of educational centres, we will certify the suitability of the use of mobile technology in your day-to-day activities.

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