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Who we are

We exist to ensure that mobiles do not separate us from our priorities. We promote a life where mobiles are dependence-free tools.

To help parents and educators guide our teenagers towards a healthy relationship with technology, where they look each other in the eye and communicate authentically. To design actions in towns and cities to spread the message across the world. To work with organisations so to give their workers tools for a healthy and productive use of mobiles in their day-to-day. We strive to be with the 58% of the population that want to be less mobile-dependent. And above all we work to help you, because according to the data we have, you will spend more than 7 years looking at the screen in your hand.

You are part of the solution

Areas of action

We develop different initiatives to raise awareness and ensure a responsible, healthy and productive use of the mobile phone. To do this, we work with what we consider to be the four main agents of change in society: Companies, Educational Centres, Government Agencies and Individuals.


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We spend more than 5 hours a day connected to devices with screens

41% of the Spanish population are taking measures to limit their use of the smartphone

49% of young people between 18 and 24 years old use their mobile phone for more than 4 hours a day

And more than 2 connected to our mobile phones

39% of Spanish people use their mobile phone for personal matters during work, while 30% use it to work after working hours

46% of consumers believe they use their mobile too much

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