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We unlock our phone 110 times a day

62% of Spanish people admit isolation from their surroundings when looking at their mobile

73% of Spanish people sleep with their smartphone on; it is the first thing they look at when getting up and the last when going to bed

Use the mobile with balance

The mobile gets in the way of your personal relationships and the management of your time

If you have noticed that your mobile stands in the way of the quality of your relations, in the management of your time, that it has presence in all of your rooms, in all of your scenarios. If you have ever noticed that you spend too much time with it, that it secludes yourself and that you would like to regain control over your time and activities; this is your site.

Become part of a collective focused on finding the balance between the screen and the real world. The benefits of technology and what really matters in life.


Become part of a community where people are the most important. Share moments, hobbies, knowledge and make looking at each other and smiling something normal again.

Receive access to reports with relevant data and models of good practices for a healthy use of the mobile phone

Receive information about all the initiatives, actions and events promoted by the MFL

Contribute to the creation of quality content and support social awareness of the use of mobile technology


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