There Is No Such Thing As A Second Impression.
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Our Manifesto

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Our manifesto

7 years is a lot of time. To meet many classmates, work colleagues, friends, partners, and even your own children.

7 years is a lot of time. Time to travel to many places, to get to know new cities, their culture, their customs and their gastronomy. To read many books, watch many movies, listen to many songs, enjoy many family meals and romantic dinners. Time to give and receive many hugs, kisses, caresses and, above all, many ‘I love yous’. Time for many looks of complicity, sincere smiles and gestures that say it all. 7 years to live a lot. But instead, you will spend 7 years accumulating followers instead of meeting people; sharing photos on Instagram instead of moments with your beloved ones; storing places on an SD card and not in your memory; reading messages instead of stories, listening to audios and not music, and laughing with memes in a WhatsApp group when you could be laughing in a bar with your group of friends. And yes, you will send and you will receive many ‘I love yous’, many emojis of hearts, and little faces with kisses… instead of feeling them. Because, according to our data, you will spend more than 7 years looking at the screen of your mobile instead of the eyes of your loved ones. Unless you do something about it.



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