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MFL Awards

An annual gala to share the recognition of new, strategic and innovative initiatives, that generate value and change in any sector of our society with all of our registered companies, involved educational centres, government agencies and members.

The MFL Awards are the acknowledgement of our commitment and desire to regain control in each of the major areas in which we influence. We seek to impact as many people and groups as possible to start small or large actions of change that generate value for them and for those around them.
The Awards Announcements will include:

  • A mention of all new partners, educators, institutions and members
  • Delivery of Awards for the best initiatives carried out in each field
  • Certificates issued in the different categories to date, with public recognition of the change process and evaluation completed

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MFL Reports

Data, statistics, knowledge and awareness

We believe in the value of sharing information. Disseminating the most relevant knowledge and creating reports and manuals of good practices for different groups is the basis to achieve our goal: To make people aware of the importance of a responsible, healthy and productive use of the mobile phone.


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